Lexicon: Gorbon 53 Deck Salon


The Gorbon 53 was designed by Fatih Gorbon, chief designer for Gorbon Yachts of Istanbul, Turkey, for Mr. Randy Phelps of Southport, CT.

Although they are no longer in business, they had a long and illustrious reputation for building high quality express boats and exceptional offshore sailboats.

Initially a small design house, we at Gorbon Yachts have spent three generations transforming our passion for sailing and our interest in boats into a quality-oriented boat yard. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Gorbon Yachts combines modern technology with the unique and traditional boat building skills that Turkey has to offer.

Over the years, Gorbon Yachts has designed and built a range of boats including custom sail and powerboats from 20 to 70 ft. We use various construction methods such as wood-epoxy laminating techniques, full composite and vacuum bagging methods using hi-tech materials, and traditional wooden boat construction for those who love classics. The range of boats we have built over time has allowed us to accumulate a wealth of experience in terms of our ability to incorporate the distinct preferences and tastes of our clients into the finished product.

Although for much of our history we have created our own designs, we have also enjoyed working with a variety of designers, notably Bruce Farr, Jean Berret and Andrea Vallicelli. And, while we often use our own designs as the base for any semi-custom boat, most of our production is still truly customized.

We place significant emphasis on each stage of the design and building process so as to ensure that the integrity of our boats is not compromised. Our aim has always been to produce boats with character, performance and durability. It is our genuine desire that the boats we build provide fun and years of enjoyment for their owners.

At Gorbon Yachts, we use world-class construction materials imported from around the world and equip our boats with the products and instruments of leading boat gear manufacturers. Benefiting from the local traditional wood boat building skills, we have built an excellent team to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship. The result? Unique boats for unique individuals.

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